Photographic Quality Ink Jet Printing

Digital inkjet prints have reached new heights. The color and detail is phenomenal and the speed and convenience is unmatched. We produce a wide spectrum of prints for consumer and corporate customers, from vacation pictures to fine art reproductions as well as promotional and display work. We can print on almost any type of surface from fine art papers to silks, canvas and vinyl. We can also print on traditional photographic quality matte, luster and satin papers. All surfaces have a choice of archival UV resistant, pigment based inks ( giclée prints) or vibrant dye based inks.

Prints are available from post card size to giant murals in single prints all they way up to print runs in the 100's.

Lamination is highly recommended for most Ink Jet Printing. To protect Ink Jet Canvas printing we will matte spray the surface.

©2002 M.C. Frabotta

Fujix Prints

Fuji Pictrograph prints or Fujix prints are very high quality, environmentally friendly digital photographic quality prints. The fujix printer will print any digital file with such high color fidelity that magazines and ad agencies use them for match prints. The Fujix does not use caustic chemicals, inks or dyes to create the image, but plain distilled water. Fujix prints are available in any size up to 8.5x11" and are the perfect choice when quality is of the utmost importance..

©2002 Carol Kabrin

Digital Negatives and Slides

We can create for you a slide or negative from a digital file in 35mm, 4x5 or 8x10. Whether it is for traditional photo printing, projection, archival purposes or as a submittal of your work to a school, museum or gallery, when your digital image needs to be transferred to film and be of high quality we can do it for you.

Many of today's avant garde artists are creating digital negatives on their inkjet printers. We create digital negatives that are infinitely more stable, higher resolution and far more suitable for printing than the best inkjet printer.

Currently we produce 35mm slides for theater projection (as wide as 20"). The quality of our digital slides are some of the best you are likely to see.

If you have artwork that needs to be transferred to digital then we can scan or photograph it for you We can make whatever corrections are needed and burn it to film or give you a cd with your artwork on it so that you can make any necessary modifications.

The beauty of digital film is the absolute consistency from one iteration to the next and the ability to combine the versatility of digital editing with the usefulness of traditional film.

Illustration, Restoration & Editing

Our experience with digital image editing goes all the way back to 1984 when the tools were crude, expensive and very difficult to use. Today we have state of the art MAC's and PC's as well as all of the industry standard software programs. If it can or should be done on a computer we can do it.

We can take your sketch or idea and create for you a digital file suitable for almost any purpose. We can take your existing digital file and perform all the modifications needed to smooth rough, make professional in appearance and prepare for publication, printing or web use.

We are also masters at digital photo restoration and blemish corrections. If you have a damaged print, negative or slide that needs to be brought back to life, bring it to us. These skills are also useful for correcting imperfections in portraits, product photography and any other image where excellence is critical.

Scanning and File Services

Imacon Scanning from 35mm and up to 4x5 transparencies or negatives. The Imacon Flextight scanner is considered the finest scanner shy of a drum scanner. It has very high resolution excellent color capacity and the ability to capture the faintest detail in the highlights and shadows. We have created beautiful 9'x12' murals from an imacon 35mm kodachrome slide scan.

Creo Scitex can scan transparencies, negatives and or flat art up to 12x18. The Cero Scitex flatbed scanners are universally considered the kings of flat bed scanners. With considerably better output then any other commercial flatbed and twice the scanning area of most consumer scanners it is should be your only consideration when scanning reflective art.

Nikon Slide scanning for inexpensive 35mm slide scans. The Nikon slide scaner is a dedicated fully automated 35mm slide scanner. It is the perfect choice for large scanning jobs that don't require Imacon quality but need to be better than a Kodak photoCD.

Normal service is 2 days for scan and CD or DVD burn.