When Placing An Order...

Be sure to provide as much information as possible with your order (i.e., number of negatives or transparencies provided, type of service required, quantity and size of prints from each, total number of prints in order). When reordering prints, please enclose a guide print for closest color match. Prices are subject to change.

Delivery Service (thee is a delivery fee on orders under $100.00)

We are happy to offer pick-up and delivery to all open account customers. Our account representatives provide personal service to their clients and are always available to answer questions, solve problems and advise so we can best meet your photographic needs.

Service Times

Normal service times are specified for each product in this price list. If faster service times are required, "rush" charges may be added to your order. These charges are specified with each product / service.


Shipping will be billed at our cost. Our standard shipping is FedEx ground, or specify your courier preference.


Spectrum Photo makes it a primary objective to care for and protect all materials while in our possession. Submitting any film, print, art, slide or negative to our firm for processing, printing or other handling constitutes an agreement by you that any damages or loss by our company shall be responsible only for the replacement value of the same quantity and size of unexposed film and processing.

Spectrum Photo does not assume liability for purchaser supplied materials, such as picture frames, paintings, prints, artwork, color guides or other materials which are submitted with orders, whether lost, damaged, stolen, negligence or any other means. Dyes used in color materials may change in time. Our products, therefore cannot be warranted against any change in color.

Shipping Crates, Tubes And Custom Packaging

We can custom build crates to safely ship your graphics anywhere in the world. We use several national and international couriers, let us help you coordinate your project through it's final destination.