Color Printing Services
Professional Color Prints

All of our traditional services are, in fact traditional. Our prints are hand made by a highly experienced staff in a state of the art darkroom. We do not make machine prints, therefore all our prints are custom. These prints are fully color corrected, dodged, burned and cropped as desired. Even though we take far greater care in creating your enlargements than a machine ever could, we don't charge any more than you would expect to pay at other labs. When original art, transparency or color prints are furnished as guides, we will match them as closely as possible.

Our standard print surface is matte, but glossy or metallic are available upon request. We also will print full frame, border or borderless and can print any film size up to 8x10.

Normal service time is 2 working days for reasonable quantities. Less than 2 days may incur a rush charge.

Traditional Color Murals

We can print and mount single piece murals up to 50" and multi-panel murals to almost any size. Our traditional mural printing utilizes special lenses optimized for extreme enlargements on rock solid enlargers that are made to maintain consistent illumination over long exposures. Using Kodaks endura color archival materials a mural made by Spectrum will look beautiful and hold its beauty for a long time.

Our standard print surface is matte, but glossy, metalic or flex surfaces are available upon request.

Normal service time is 3 working days for reasonable quantities. Less than 3 days may incur a rush charge.

Please call for special quotation on large quantities, oversize, or multi-panel Murals.

Traditional Duratrans Display Transparencies

Possibly the most beautiful photographic enlargement are backlit transparencies or duratrans. We have been specializing in duratrans murals for 20 years. There are few labs that have our experience in this field. If you want your displays to be truly special, inviting and attention grabbing then consider duratrans. We create your mural for existing light boxes or fluorescent ceiling panels or custom build a light box to your specifications.

Normal service time is 4 working days for reasonable quantities. Shorter service times may incur rush fees. Service times do not include custom made negatives. When ordering duratrans please specify lighting conditions to be used.

*Please call for special quotation on larger quantities, oversized, or multi-panel display. Larger print sizes can be made by scanning your original for digital output.

Black & White Services

We have a dedicated black and white darkroom and the a very experienced staff. We take the same care with the creation of your black and white enlargements that we do with all of our printing. We truly appreciate the the unique look of a properly printed black and white image.

Normal Service Time is 2 days. Please specify matte or glossy surface when ordering.